Elizabeth's in the Bywater

Elizabeth's in the Bywater

The Buck Stops Here

There's just no getting around it:  study after study shows us that dollars spent at local businesses have greater economic impact  than dollars spent at a national chain store.


There are three main reasons: independent stores have a higher local payroll (when no part of the business operation is located in Houston or Atlanta, no money goes to paying someone in Houston or Atlanta); local stores purchase more goods and services locally; and the local stores retain a much larger share of their profits within the local economy.

It just makes sense. When people live and pay taxes and send their kids to school where they have their business, they're more invested in the well-being of their community in every way.  By patronizing these local businesses, we are creating a more self-sufficient, prosperous place to live.

So, what's the bottom line?  The image at left, outside Elizabeth's Restaurant in the Bywater, says it all.