Get Involved

A Stay Local! Image

A Stay Local! Image


There are countless ways to get involved in Stay Local. Here are 7 ways you can help:


1. Become a Member

Eligible businesses, organizations, and individuals are encouraged to become members of Stay Local!


2. Learn More about the Benefits of Shopping Local

Browse the "Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local" section of this website and check out our Reports & Studies page for additional data from New Orleans and elsewhere. Thorough research supports our assertion that choosing locally owned businesses strengthens our local economy and community, while having a positive impact on many aspects of our own lives.  

Shift more of your spending to locally owned businesses. Examine your current purchasing patterns and look for opportunities to direct more of your spending to locally owned businesses. The Stay Local! directory can help you find locally owned businesses by neighborhood, category or keyword search. If you are unsure whether a business is locally owned and independent, look for the Stay Local! decal on their window or ask them.


3. Talk to Your Friends, Family, Employees and Neighbors

Help us spread the word by talking to your friends, family, and neighbors about how essential locally owned businesses are to the health of our community and the vitality of Southeast Louisiana's economy, and about the many challenges they are now facing. Encourage people to visit our website to learn more and to use the directory to find local businesses.


4. Let Local Businesses Know You Support Them

Let local business owners and their staff know that you support locally owned, independent businesses. If you patronize a business that you found through Stay Local!, please be sure to tell them. If a local business you visit is not part of Stay Local!, please encourage them to join the campaign.


5. Display and Distribute Stay Local! Materials

The more people learn and the more they see and hear the Stay Local! message, the greater the impact of this effort. Businesses: display your Stay Local! decal and bumper sticker in prominent locations.  


6. Become a Community Partner

Community Partners are passionate community members and groups who are committed to Stay Local's mission of creating strong economies based on locally owned and operated businesses.  This collaboration provides individuals and organizations that are not eligible for a business listing a way to support our city and economy in important ways. 


7. Volunteer

Email or call 561-7474 to learn about opportunities to show your support for the Stay Local! campaign.


8. Attend Our Events and Member Business Events

Check out our Events page for Stay Local! events and those of member businesses and organizations.