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Our Team



Stay Local! is Greater New Orleans' Independent Business Alliance that connects locally-owned, independent business to customers, resources and each other. We are devoted to raising the visibility and viability of the locally owned, independent New Orleans businesses because we believe that New Orleans’ independent businesses are the backbone of the city’s culture, economy and character.

Stay Local! is about Culture. 
Locally owned businesses imbue New Orleans with its unique character and aura of authenticity and are a big part of why people want to live, work, eat and shop here.

Stay Local! is about Commerce
Study after study (like this one in New Orleans) shows that shopping at a locally-owned, independent business is far better for the local economy than shopping at non-local businesses. The reason? This multiplier effect occurs. When you spend money at a local businesses, they then re-spend that money throughout the local economy at a much greater rate than chains, who ship most of your money off to wherever corporate HQ is. 

Stay Local! is about Environment
A strong economy is a sustainable economy, and a sustainable economy is one with as many built-in local networks as possible. The more we buy and source from businesses that are firmly rooted here in New Orleans, the more resilient we become.

This website is a celebration of what’s right about how business is done in New Orleans as well as a place to learn more about what can be done based on best practices from around the state, the nation, and the world.


What We Do

We Connect New Orleans Residents to Local Businesses 

We aim to both educate consumers on the importance of supporting locally-owned businesses and connect them with local businesses. We've certified every businesses listed on this site as "certified locally owned and independent" so if you spot a business displaying our decal, you can be sure they're local. 

Are you looking for a local business that sells or provides ____? Shoot us an email, and we'll provide you with a list of locally owned options.

Thousands of local businesses are featured on our website, in our annual Guide to Being Local, and in our neighborhood guides. We also promote what's going on with local New Orleans businesses online through our social media network (facebook and twitter).


We Offer Specials and Discounts

We help local businesses by securing all sorts of special offers, such as discounted advertising rates, co-op ads and more. To reach fellow local businesses, members can offer a member-to-member discount.  Members also receive savings of 15% off select office supplies from locals IVES.


We Design Workshops and Events

We help local businesses run a better business and connect with fellow entrepreneurs through workshops and networking events. 


We Connect Businesses with Resources

Consider us your very own Corporate HQ, the organization that's in your corner. We regularly distribute pertinent resources and opportunities to the businesses in our network. If you need a hand finding the right service provider for your business, or you're running issues that require help with City Hall, or anything else, we're here to do whatever we can to help.


We Advocate for Local Businesses

We're policy advocates for local New Orleans businesses at all levels of government. Click here, here, and here for a few of our most recent examples. If you're a local business running into an issue (either policy or non-policy), our door is open


Community Partners

Community Partners are passionate community members and groups who are committed to Stay Local's mission of creating strong economies based on locally owned and operated businesses.

To get to know our community partners and to learn how to get involved click here!



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T: (504) 252-1259


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Next time you shop, look for businesses that display our decal or use our searchable local business directory to connect with locally-owned and independent businesses.


Business Owners and heads of eligible organizations: Click here for information about membership

All others: head here to learn how to get involved!


There’s no time like the present to StayLocal in New Orleans!