Dana Eness | Executive Director

Dana Eness is a founding board member of the Urban Conservnacy's StayLocal initiative. She has been Executive Director of The Urban Conservancy, a non-profit that is dedicated to creating a robust economy based on strong locally-owned businesses, since 2007. Since receiving her MA in Latin American Studies from Tulane University, Dana has worked in non-profit administration, programming, community development and systems building while developing and managing cross-cultural and literacy programs abroad, at Tulane University,  and for the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

Post-Katrina, Dana took the position at The Urban Conservancy so she could obsess over New Orleans' recovery 24/7. She lives in the Riverbend neighborhood with her husband and two children, where she shops regularly on Oak Street, her inspiration for getting involved with StayLocal! She can be reached at Dana@urbanconservancy.org